Maintaining Certification

Certification Renewal or Recertification

The Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® certification is the highest industry credential for professionals serving seniors. It is recognized for preparing working professionals to adjust to the rapidly changing age demographic by understanding the multiple processes of aging. Individuals who earn the CSA are also recognized for their commitment to upholding high standards of ethical and professional practice by adherence to the CSA Code of Professional Responsibility.

The CSA certification is awarded for a period of three years. In order to maintain certification and continue use of the CSA designation, certified individuals must meet the requirements for recertification.

Requirements for Maintaining Your CSA Certification or Recertification

CSAs must complete the following requirements to recertify and maintain the CSA Certification. SCSA will notify you when your certification payment is due.

  • Complete the Annual Recertification Statement
    Each year of your certification you will be required to complete a CSA Recertification Statement. This attestation statement includes disclosure questions involving any legal or regulatory issues that have come up in connection with your business practices during the past year. The Recertification Statement underscores the ongoing responsibility that all CSAs have to conduct their business legally and ethically.
  • Submit the Certification Fee
    There is an annual certification fee, that must be submitted to maintain your certification:

    • Pay annual certification fee of $175 (please call 800.653.1785)
    • You may submit your payment at the beginning of your three year recertification period – Pay one payment of $525 (please call 800.653.1785).
  • Pass a Background Check
    Upon your recertification, SCSA will submit a criminal background check.
  • Fulfilling the CSA CE Requirement
    CSAs are required to complete 30 CSA CE credits during your three year certification. To be eligible for credit all CSA CE course topics must be directly related to seniors and/or ethical issues. Acceptable topic areas include ethics; financial, health or social issues related to aging; spirituality and aging; general aging issues; death and dying, etc. Sales and marketing topics are not acceptable. For a full list of options available for earning the CE credits, please see our CSA CE Requirements page. The CE Can be submitted directly to our continuing education department in the following ways:

    • via facsimile at 303.757.7677 Attn: Continuing Education Department
    • via email at
    • regular mail to SCSA office of Certification, 720 S. Colorado Blvd, Ste 750 North, Denver, CO 80246

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SCSA Disclosure Policy

Society of Certified Senior Advisors® (SCSA) treats as confidential a CSA’s personal information. At its discretion, however, and in accordance with disclosure authority maintained by the CSA Board of Standards (“Board”), SCSA may release to certain federal and state licensing and credentialing bodies and governmental regulatory agencies, or may publish on its website, details of a current or former CSA’s disciplinary history, if any, resulting from complaints heard by the Board. Similarly, SCSA reserves the right to divulge to such bodies or agencies, or to publish on its website, information in connection with wrongful use or other actions taken by SCSA, or on its behalf, against certain individuals or entities.