Course Options

Live Class Review

Our live review class is delivered over three 8-hour days. Classes begin at 8:00 am and end at 5:00 pm with an hour break for lunch. Each session is approximately 50 minutes long with 10 minute breaks in between. Time is provided for questions and answers in each session. Individual schedules may vary.

The CSA Education course is designed to be a self-study course. Students need to spend a recommended of 30 hours of study prior to attending the live class review.

To see a sample class schedule go to Sample Live Class Review Schedule.

Online Class Review

The online review class contains 22 recorded course modules that correspond to the chapters in the Working With Seniors textbook. Learning exercises including videos, case studies and quizzes are provided to supplement students’ individual study.

The online review class is self-paced and begins upon enrollment. Students have up to 6 months to complete the online class, but are encouraged to complete the CSA course earlier. Suggested course schedules for completing the online review are available below:

Online Course Schedule – 2 Months
Online Course Schedule – 3 Months
Online Course Schedule – 6 Months

Students are permitted to submit questions to SCSA via email to on any of the course topics, and questions will be submitted to a subject matter expert. Students seeking instructor guidance and interaction should consider transferring to a live class review

Certification Only Options

Students seeking CSA Certification will need to successfully pass the CSA Exam in addition to meeting all eligibility requirements. For more information about CSA Certification go to Become A CSA. For more information about the CSA Exam go to Exam Overview.

The CSA Textbook and supplemental materials can be purchased separately from education course enrollments, please contact SCSA at 800.653.1785 for detailed information.