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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Passing on Your Passwords as Part of Your Estate
In an increasingly digital world, experts advise that your legacy should include your passwords, not just to your bank and financial accounts, but to Facebook, your website, frequent flier miles or anything else that might have value to your loved ones.

Estate Plans Help Seniors Keep Control
When an estate plan has not been created, decisions about property, medical and final arrangements can be made without the incapacitated or deceased individual’s input. This article takes a look at the important factors in laying a foundation for estate planning, including questions to ask and where you and your loved ones can go for help.

Two Ways the Needs Trust Can Enhance the Quality Of Life for Persons With Disabilities
Trusts and estates planning go hand in hand when it comes to ensuring quality of life for a person with a disability.

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Senior FraudKeeping Your Bank Account Safe from Fraud
We often think that bank account fraud is committed by someone we don’t know. Unfortunately, seniors are most often targets for bank account fraud by family members, caregivers, and others close to them. See what the experts say about protecting your accounts.

Medicare Fraud – How to Protect Yourself
Most doctors and health care providers are honest and bill Medicare accurately for services or supplies that they provide to seniors. However, some people who provide health care services and supplies attempt to defraud the Medicare system.

Protecting Seniors Against Identity Theft, Scams and Elder Abuse
Seniors are often a target for financial predators, which is why it is so important to take precautionary measures to help protect against identity theft, scams and elder abuse. SCSAs PSPs provides resources and guidelines for seniors and professionals.

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Seniors and the Affordable Care Act
Bob Semro, Health Policy Analyst for the Bell Policy Center, answers questions related to January’s Educational Webinar, Seniors and the Affordable Care Act.

Financial Advisor Acronyms
Financial-services professionals who advise the public have an array of credentials to choose from. Those credentials include those that are tracked in a database kept by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and others that are less well-documented. Some are even defunct, but may still show up in advisers’ marketing materials

Guide to Financial Industry Standards
A simplified guide to the definitions and requirements for designated professionals in the Financial Industry.

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LTCLong-term Care Faces Challenges
The increased need for more long-term care, partially caused by an aging baby boomer population, is accompanied by a predicted shortage of care workers. At the same time, the premiums for long-term care insurance are rising, and one large insurer plans to charge single women more.

Why Seniors are Moving from Institution Back Home
The U.S. Congress authorized the MFP as part of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. MFP was designed to assist states in rebalancing their long-term care systems and help Medicaid enrollees transition out of institutions and back to their communities.



Money Management

Money ManagementFinancial Advisors: Who Can You Trust? 
A multitude of financial professional titles confuses investors trying to get the best financial advice. It’s especially crucial for seniors to find a financial advisor to represent their interests and respect their risk tolerance in order to protect and grow their retirement funds.

Annuities a Complex and Thorny Investment
As a tax-deferred tool for retirement, annuities might be the appropriate investment, but they come with a lot of issues. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before purchasing one.

Is it Worth Anything? Check the Web 
When you decide to start getting rid of your belongings, one factor is whether your old goods have any value. Fortunately, the Internet now has many sites that will provide some idea of what your possessions are worth.

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Look Both Ways Before Getting a Reverse Mortgage
Taking a loan against your home may have advantages, especially the ability to stay in the place you’ve lived for many years, but there are also risks and potentially high costs. Before you apply for a reverse mortgage, make sure you know what you are getting into.

MortgagesFAQs about Reverse Mortgages
Record numbers of consumers are using reverse mortgages to remain in their home to supplement retirement income, pay for health care expenses, make home modifications, or simply establish a cash reverse for emergencies. Get the right answers about reverse mortgages. Source: National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, a non-profit organization out of Washington D.C.

Retirement and Social Security

Retirement and Social Security

Living Within Your Means – And Assets
Living on your retirement savings can be a constant balancing act: between maintaining your standard of living and taking steps to avoid outliving your savings. There are no easy answers to this dilemma, although retirement experts offer a few suggestions.

How to Have a Good Retirement on a Budget
Experts recommend creating a budget for retirement so you can figure out what you really need and want. From there, you can get rid of expenses that are unnecessary and thus enjoy the life you always imagined.

How to Find the Best Places to Retire
There’s no shortage of suggestions for places to move after you retire, but some may conflict in terms of good weather, cheaper taxes, less crime and beautiful settings. It helps to know what you want.

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Seniors and Taxes

TaxesNew Regulations Help Guarantee the Competency of Tax Preparers
More stringent IRS regulations for tax preparers are slated to begin in 2011. This explanation of the changes and how CSAs can help their senior clients with this new information is provided in this article.

Making Tax Time a Little Bit Easier
Seniors may not be aware of all the income tax deductions available. Now that it’s tax season, we offer some tips for reducing your tax burden as well as where to find some free neighborly help.

Caregivers Find Tax Relief
When paying for the medical care of another, a person is permitted to write off certain expenses. Specific guidelines must be followed, but the benefits are there for the taxpayer.

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Veterans Affairs

Veterans BenefitsVeterans Benefits – Are You Missing Out?
Veterans, don’t miss an opportunity to get extensive benefits coverage. You and your family may have many options for VA support.

Medical Foster Homes Provide More Independence for Aging Veterans
Implemented by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Medical Foster Home (MFH) program provides a relatively new option to veterans looking for more independence or more personalized care than may be available at nursing homes.