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Brain Health

Brain healthNew Research Explores Cure for Alzheimer’s
As scientists look for causes as well as preventative measures for this form of dementia, they are examining not just physical factors but also “social,” such as age of retirement and an individual’s own concerns about memory.

Don’t Forget: Tips for Helping Memory Loss
Although memory loss comes with aging, you can take steps to keep your brain active. They include activities that also boost physical health, such as exercise and eating the right foods, as well as games that challenge your mind.

What Mild Cognitive Impairment Might Mean for You
Forgetfulness is part of normal aging. It can also be a more serious condition called Mild Cognitive Impairment, which can lead to Alzheimer’s. Understand the signs, symptoms and what you can do about Mild Cognitive Impariment.

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Disorders & Diseases

DisordersSurprising Treatment for Diabetes
Although still controversial, gastric bypass surgery may be an effective treatment for certain people with diabetes, according to two studies that show this surgery has lasting effects.

Combating the Pain from Shingles
Pain during and after shingles can greatly affect how seniors live. Early detection and immediate treatment are key to successfully combating shingles.

Susceptible to SAD
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a cyclical form of depression that can affect seniors at specific times of the year and its symptoms can be severe. The causes, symptoms and treatments of SAD are presented in this article.

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Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health RecordsAt Your Fingertips: Three Options for Accessing Your Health Records
Three programs for managing personal health records are available for healthcare consumers: VA, CMS and Mayo Clinic. These online systems are accessible and make it easy to control and share your medical history.

No More Questions: Medical Health Records Enter the Digital Age
Healthcare information management tools are rapidly evolving so all participants in the healthcare system can now use them. The latest news is that patients will soon be able to actively participate in creating and maintaining their healthcare records

Senior Medical Device
Seniors experience better health care results thanks to a medical devices brought into the home which communicates with doctors and family members.

Health Related Issues

healthGetting to the Root of Dental Problems
As we get older, we’re likely to experience more problems with our teeth and gums. However, this is not just an issue with discomfort; dental issues can lead to serious problems with general health. 

Your Nose Knows: Dealing with Seasonal Allergies
Seniors with allergies can have a difficult time during pollen season, but various remedies can relieve the symptoms and sometimes the cause. 

Hearing Aids Use New Technology
It’s estimated that only 15 percent of those who need hearing aids actually have them. One reason people are hesitant to use hearing aids is because they can pick up too much background noise, but new digital technology can overcome this and other problems.

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Healthy Aging

healthy aging [Converted]Envisioning Better Sight for Aging Eyes
As we age, several diseases can affect our vision—some serious and some merely irritating. The best prevention, beyond a healthy lifestyle, is to get regular eye exams. After that, medications and, in some cases, surgery are available to stem vision loss.

Staying Fit: A Routine Matter
Getting into and remaining in good physical shape doesn’t have to be difficult. Two seniors who reaped the benefits of an exercise regimen share their simple routines and the satisfying rewards.

Music – A Key to Health
With scientific findings that support improved health for seniors, music is being utilized for therapy. The body responds positively to music and the results are immediate to the quality of life for seniors and their caregivers.

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MedicareTips for Choosing a Medigap Plan
For those ready to enroll in Medicare or those thinking about changing plans, the choices are many and complex. Fortunately, resources are available to help you navigate through the different Medicare Supplemental Plans

Changes Could Improve Medicare and Seniors’ Health
If you’ve been frightened by all the gloom and doom talk in Washington about the future of Medicare, the good news is that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) actually strengthens the health care program for seniors.

Medicare and You 2014
Be a great resource for your senior clients on Medicare issues by sharing this official U.S. government handbook. It includes: what’s new in Medicare, Medicare costs, Medicare coverage, health and prescription drug plans, your Medicare rights, and health information technology.

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Pain Management

Pain ManagementStretch Your Arthritis Pain Away
Contrary to past wisdom, researchers are finding that exercise can ease the pain of arthritis. Recommended are flexibility exercises, endurance or aerobic, and strengthening. Not only can these activities help physical symptoms, but they can improve general well-being and mood.

After Shingles Pain Checklist
Your Personalized After-Shingles Pain Checklist and Discussion Guide from

Tips for Preventing Pain
Every day 76 million people experience pain. Don’t let pain get to you. Learn how to manage and prevent low back, hand and foot pain and live more comfortably.