The Working with Older Adults education course gives aging industry professionals practical, multidisciplinary knowledge, tools, and resources to help them serve older adults more effectively.


The Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) is the leading certification for professionals serving older adults. The CSA certification validates and gives confidence to both CSA professionals and the clients they serve.


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CSA Stories

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Hear from Certified Senior Advisors in a wide range of industries about their career journey, the passion they have for working with older adults, and how being a CSA is integral to their professional practices.

"What is most valuable is the breadth of the education. I learned so much about all the different areas of aging. It really makes me a more wholistic practitioner as a result of my membership."

Kelly O'Connor
Senior Living & Placement

"Being a CSA changed how I relate to people and how I'm able to vet other professionals. It means I've taken the time to study and really get to understand the transitions that seniors go through."

Angela McCants
Real Estate Professional

"I was immediately impressed with the professionalism of the organization and all those involved. I did the course and took the test and have found the organization to be so great to work with."

Chris Orestis
Insurance & Financial Professional

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