Ethics and the CSA Certification

The CSA Code of Professional Responsibility

CSAs are required to agree to and abide by a code of professional responsibility. Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® are committed to upholding the standards in the CSA Code of Professional Responsibility.  SCSA created the CSA Code of Professional Responsibility to provide ethical standards and rules of conduct for all persons who are certified.  It is based on the values of competence, honesty, trustworthiness, fairness and professionalism.

CSAs must also follow all rules and regulations for their profession that are promulgated by state and federal law, licensing boards, state agencies, companies and industry organizations to which the CSA is affiliated.

View the code at CSA Code of Professional Responsibility

Enforcing the CSA Code of Professional Responsibility

The CSA Board of Standards (Board), an independent, nonprofit corporation investigates formal complaints lodged against CSAs for alleged violations of the CSA Code of Professional Responsibility. The Board reviews all complaint cases and disciplines CSAs when appropriate. Disciplinary actions can include administrative suspension of use of the CSA certification or revocation of the credential. Go to Board of Standards for more information about the board.

SCSA Disciplinary Disclosure Policy

In accordance with disclosure authority maintained by the CSA Board of Standards, SCSA may release to certain federal and state licensing and credentialing bodies and governmental regulatory agencies or may publish on its website, details of a current or former CSA’s disciplinary history, if any, resulting from complaints heard by the CSA Board of Standards. SCSA also reserves the right to divulge to such bodies or agencies, or to publish on its website, information in connection with wrongful use or other actions taken by SCSA, or on its behalf, against certain individuals or entities.