Jennifer Traglia

MA Gerontology


Jennifer’s career in aging services has spanned over 20 years. She has experience in a variety of sectors of the caregiving space – from senior housing to geriatric care management and most recently employee benefits.

Jennifer’s special skills are relationship building and problem solving. Combine those two, and Jennifer has provided relief for many families and their aging loved ones. Jennifer has an unmatched skill for creating strong relationships with older adults and their families. Her success comes from being genuine, reliable and trustworthy. Families know they are in good hands when Jennifer is involved – those proven results are evident in her solid 100 NPS. Jennifer takes great pride in the peace of mind she brings to both long term care planning and crisis mitigation. Most importantly, she values the long standing relationships she maintains with her clients – even long after the work is done.

Jennifer recognized early in her career the implications that contentious family relations had on the quality of life of older adults. Both big and small decisions are avoided altogether or stalled when there is family discord. Jennifer knew there had to be a way to help desperate families and found a solution by becoming an advanced Elder Mediator. Simple adjustments to how families think about their past can help them succeed with present day planning. Jennifer’s mediation skills were put to good use during her time as a Geriatric Care Manager and continue to be useful in a variety of situations of her present day work.

Jennifer’s curiosity and determination have served her well throughout her career. She is skilled in strategic operations management and has launched large scale programs including Quality Assurance, Professional Development, and Onboarding and Training new hires. She enjoys managing the logistics involved with scaling new programs for growing companies. Her current work focuses on improving healthcare delivery. She continues to be engaged in solutions that streamline the doctor/patient relationship and is excited about emerging trends in the field of long term care. Jennifer enjoys finding ways to connect and educate key advisor entities involved in bringing those solutions to market.

Session Information

Title: Taking the Sting out of Family Relations: Communication Strategies to Mitigate a Late Life Crisis
Day: Friday, August 25, 2023
Time: 1:10 pm