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Grief and Caregiver StressThe Long Goodbye: Grief and Caregiver Stress in End-of-Life Care

Death is a clinical issue that does not exclude any age group, but it is especially relevant in aging populations. Death can happen suddenly, after a long period of illness or at any time interval in-between. Where unexpected deaths carry with them emotional turmoil and loss, it is often the long goodbyes following years of coping with issues like dementia, complex medical illness, and cancer, that carry with them unique forms of grief and caregiver burden. This presentation will focus on understanding the grief process, caregiver stress and fatigue, and relevant cultural considerations. It will also provide tools that can be used to provide grief and caregiver support to clients and engage in their own self-care. Click Here to See the Webinar


Fraud ProtectionMatchmaker, Matchmaker – Vetting Professionals for the Development of Your Network

This webinar provided by SCSA’s own Senior Director of Business Development and Strategy, Judy Rough, CSA will provide in-depth information on how to vet the professionals in your network that you refer business to. As a provider of services to older adults, it is critical for you to ensure that all individuals in your network are ethical, competent and can be trusted to work with your clients. During this presentation, attendees will be given extensive information on a variety of methods for screening and vetting other service providers. Click Here to See the Webinar


Fraud ProtectionBah Hum Bug! Proof Your Holidays: Protecting your family from fraud

Hazel Heckers, Victim Advocate with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, covers these key points: How ID Thieves and Scam Artists can ruin your holidays; Keep your credit and bank accounts safe; Common mistakes people make during the holidays that put you at risk for ID theft; Avoid charity related scams during the holidays; Have a safe and healthy New Year by following a few simple crime prevention tips.
Click Here to See the Webinar.


Long Term Care ChallengeBaby Boomers, Seniors and the Long Term Care Challenge
Bob Semro, Health Policy Analyst for the Bell Policy Center, focuses on the institutional challenges facing baby boomers and seniors over the next two decades with regard to long term care. As many as 70 percent of people over the age of 65 will need some form of long term care at some point in their lives. The growth in this population between now and the year 2030 will also place unprecedented fiscal and institutional strain on programs like Medicare and Medicaid and the long term care services infrastructure. Click Here to See the Webinar.


Veterans BenefitsUnderstanding Veterans Benefits
Carlotta Katra, President of Indiana Continuity of Care Association and Founder of, takes you in depth on this crucial topic covering Veterans Benefits and the Aid and Attendance Pension. You will learn how this very important benefit can help your clients stay out of a nursing home as well as how to qualify and how to get clients approved quickly. Click Here to See the Webinar.

Compassion FatigueWhen it Hurts to Care: Compassion Fatigue
As companions to those who are aging and/or ill, we witness a tremendous amount of loss and subsequent suffering. To witness the pain and suffering of others is to be forever changed. Compassionate people bear the suffering of others and often times compromise their own health and well being when they assume too much of the burden. We must always be aware of where we end and the other person begins – the importance of boundaries. We can companion others, but we cannot assume the responsibility for another’s life. To do so puts us at risk of experiencing compassion fatigue, a risk for all who care. Click Here to See the Webinar.


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Interested in more educational webinars on important topics for todays seniors and professionals? The Society of Certified Senior Advisors (SCSA) offers monthly educational webinars on trending topics as a benefit for maintaining CSA certification. SCSA also records and archives its past webinars so that CSAs can access expert presentations for themselves, their websites and their clients. Check out our directory of past webinars and fill out the form below if you would like information on becoming a CSA so that you have access to this valuable benefit in addition to the many other perks of being a Certified Senior Advisor. CSAs can access past presentations now at CSA Webinars.

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