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2019 CSA Conference Sessions

2019 CSA Conference

2019 CSA Conference

2019 CSA Conference Sessions

The 2019 CSA Conference Program Committee is pleased to present the sessions for the 6th annual CSA Conference.

General Sessions


The Defining Issue of the 21st Century: The Aging Population of the World

What is the defining issue of the 21st century? Terrorism? Global warming? Energy? It’s not any of these. It's the aging population of the world. By 2050, there will be 2 billion people on the planet over the age of 60. Accompanying this is a severe decline in the working age population. There is no higher calling than to provide the aging population with independence and dignity, through providing a lifestyle-sustaining income for life and protection against health risks. Industry veteran Joe Jordan shares why changing the financial services culture from “What’s In It For Me” to addressing this higher purpose will make financial services more attractive to more people, meaning more people can be served. 

Learn more about this session and speaker, Joseph Jordan


Promises and Pitfalls of Social Technologies

Social isolation and loneliness have been receiving a lot of interest recently. Studies have shown that social isolation is as harmful to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and is more harmful than obesity. Changes in modern societal structure have exacerbated social isolation because older adults do not live close to family or social supports.

Learn more about this session and speaker, Wesley Cheng

Breakout and VIA Sessions

Reverse Mortgages: The Cinderella of Retirement Planning?

Financial advisors have long looked at Reverse Mortgages as the "Loan of Last Resort"-- the ugly stepsister of the retirement planning story. This workshop will create a major paradigm shift in your thinking.  The instructor explains how recent program changes and groundbreaking research by the financial planning industry and noted academics have overwhelmingly proven the necessity of using reverse mortgages at the age of 62, not 82.  With 10,000 baby boomers turning 62 daily and over $6 trillion in home equity amongst your senior clients, reverse mortgages just may be the late coming Cinderella to the retirement ball that fixes the retirement crisis we are facing.

Learn more about this session and speaker, Harlan J. Accola, CRMP, CSA

Online Senior Living Search. It’s Broken. Let’s Fix It.

Online search is increasingly becoming the primary starting point for exploring, finding and connecting with senior care options. However, this experience can be extremely challenging for families. There is often a lack of transparency, local insight and a Google search skewed toward a few dominate players. This session will walk through family journeys online - their behaviors, expectations and points of friction.  We will then explore case studies and apply practical solutions to encourage change and drive truly great experiences for families and providers alike.

Learn more about this VIA session and speaker, Stephen Anderson

Dealing with Difficult Clients - Why Me Lord!

Oftentimes CSAs must work with clients who challenge them verbally or physically.  There are many ways to work with people one considers to be "difficult."  There are many different types of behaviors that may be called "difficult" such as being stubborn, controlling, complaining, and many more.  There are many reasons behind the personality traits exhibited. Understanding "why" can be very helpful. People with hearing and vision problems may also create special communication problems.  There are many ways to help the CSA work with challenging clients, by changing their attitudes, learning new ways to communicate, and by understanding the underlying reasons for the client's behavior.

Learn more about this session and speaker, Lynell Bond, MEd, LSW, LPC             

2019 Household Employment Tax and Labor Law Updates

Due to several legislative and regulatory changes, consumer-directed care has become one of the fastest-growing segments of the care industry and experts anticipate a significant increase in privately-employed senior caregivers.   

Tom Breedlove, Director of HomePay, the country’s leading household employment specialist, will share information CSAs need to know in order to advise clients about new state and federal household employment compliance obligations – with a special focus on senior care.

Tom will address the national and state specific payroll, tax, labor law, insurance and HR responsibilities that come into play when clients employ, and third parties pay, a caregiver outside of an agency setting.    

Learn more about this session and speaker, Tom Breedlove, MBA

The Medicare Conversation — A Golden Opportunity to Grow Client Relationships and Your Business

How do you address the Medicare concerns of your clients?  Do you have them visit a Social Security office or go to Maybe you refer them to a local insurance agent or give them some basic information on Medicare? Or, are you essentially telling them to go away? 

If you’re like most professionals advising seniors today, you’re still avoiding the Medicare conversation… and missing out on a golden opportunity to grow your client relationships and your business.

Learn more about this session and speakerMelinda Caughill

Economy of Kindness: How Kindness Transforms Your Bottom Line

What is the impact of kindness? In this highly interactive program, Cohen illustrates how kindness in the workplace improves employee morale, elevates workplace culture and creates loyalty from others. Cohen will share her own lessons and how she became a “kindness catalyst”. The size of the kindness action doesn't matter. There is often an unexpected ripple effect and giving and receiving are often experienced differently. According to research from the University of California Riverside, 40% of our happiness is determined by intentional actions, not by genes (50%) or circumstances (10%). Cohen will share case studies for how kindness in action makes a difference. She'll engage participants to improve communication, boost teamwork and promote interpersonal interaction through engagement and focus on cultivating a stronger culture of kindness.

Learn more about this session and speaker, Linda Cohen

Innovation in Safe Driving with 50+ Populations

AARP Driver Safety first launched in 1979 as the "55 Alive" program to help to keep older drivers independent, safe and confident while on the road. Today, it offers a number of educational programs including its flagship program-the nation's largest driving refresher course designed for drivers age 50 and older. Since the program's inception, more than 16 million participants have completed the course. AARP has made a commitment to focusing on innovation in the realm of safe driving and to that end is now exploring the world of telematics and how it might improve the safe driving of those 50+.

Learn more about this VIA session and speaker, Aisha Bonner Cozad, Ph.D.

Health Care Retirement Issues

Explore the types of health care that impact retirement years. Examine the differences between working year’s and retirement year’s health insurance issues. Get an overview of the moving parts of Medicare and Medicare Supplements and review the changes that are coming.  Hear the history of long-term care insurance and the key components to policy design.  Understand why employers should seriously consider the tax incentives of long-term care insurance as an employee benefit. 

Learn more about this VIA session and speaker, Mickey Batsell, CLU, CASL, MBA, FLMI, CLTC, CSA

Assisting Clients to Focus on Their Future Self: Tips for Success and Overcoming Barriers

7 Steps to Long Term Care Planning is a step by step process for working through difficult, but crucial, conversations.  The process is person-family-centered and considers all impacting variables for the design of a customized aging life care plan. The comprehensive process is explained in simple terms to help guide clients through informed decision-making and promote early engagement for more positive outcomes.  By learning how to navigate the often complex topic of care planning using the 7-Step process, professionals can quickly gain insight into a situation, develop a plan of care in a comprehensive yet efficient manner and bring value to their clients.  Inherent challenges will be reviewed along with strategies for success.

Learn more about this session and speakerJennifer Crowley RN CLCP CADDCT CDP

The Millennial Caregiver

Of the 40 million family caregivers living in the U.S. today, 25% are millennials.  Millennial caregivers and their older cohorts share many of the same caregiving issues but there are distinct issues that require understanding and consideration when trying to connect, support and communicate with a millennial caregiver. For example, more millennials work and provide care than any other generation.  With so many hours in any given week dedicated to unpaid caregiving, a millennial caregiver is at a high risk of suffering undesirable consequences from their role.  Gaining a better understanding of how caregiving can impact one’s finances, health and emotional stability will significantly benefit a millennial caregiver.    It will be prudent for anyone who seeks to support millennial caregivers during their caregiving journey to also understand these issues. 

Learn more about this session and speakerZack Demopoulos, CSA

A Holistic Approach to Addressing Challenging Behaviors in Dementia Care

The journey of caring for an individual with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia can be daunting and challenging. This is especially true when someone with cognitive impairment cannot effectively communicate his or her unmet needs or interests. Their resultant anxiety and fear can be expressed in a variety of ways, often with erratic, angry, and seemingly irrational or meaningless behavior. Care partners, be they a family member or a professional, are faced with the challenge to avoid a reactive and mindless response.     

In this interactive workshop we will explore the importance of journeying, with grace and compassion, under the surface of difficult behavior displayed by someone with dementia. Attendees will learn the value of approaching care with patience and loving kindness, while asking curious questions.  

Learn more about this session and speakerDon Desonier, JD, CSA

Long-Term Care Planning Options and What is Suitable for Your Client

We will look at all the options for long-term care planning and help you decipher what is the appropriate solution for your client based on their needs and wants. We will take a look at the biggest dilemma facing financial planners today with regard to long-term care planning and go through a quick scenario with and without a solution.

Learn more about this session and speakerCindy Eisenhower, CLTC

Cannabis and CBD, Is It Just for Seniors?

Medical cannabis and CBD are undoubtedly becoming the front line option in alternative wellness for seniors. The results are overwhelmingly positive, often even substantiated by reduction of medication (including opiates), or increased effectiveness of medications. Yet, the lack of formal education and misinformation surrounding the plant, its uses and legality stands in the way. Medical professionals are hesitant to approach the use of CBD due to the lack of education, misinformation and fear of legal backlash. There are many of us either as users of CBD or as caregivers that have seen and experienced first hand the benefits of CBD. As caregivers, our goal is to be able to provide the best care and options available for our loved ones.     

Learn more about this VIA session and speaker, Colette Florido

Courageous Conversations - Finding Your Voice

It is human nature to avoid the unpleasant, the difficult, and the situations that bring sorrow.  Yet we also well know the importance of communication.  Still, too often we put off the hard talks with our children, our spouses, and most especially with our parents or other seniors with whom we have a relationship.  The role reversal in children, or others, becoming a source of support to aging loved ones can be a difficult shift.  

Successfully navigating this change is key to helping the senior continue living as independently as possible, for as long as possible.  And, sound management of money, no matter what the amount, is a cornerstone in maintaining a good quality of life.  

Learn more about this session and speaker, Cynthia Healy, CPA, CFE, CSA

My Unfinished Business - Preparing Finances for When I Am Gone

Sometimes it’s the end of life details that people don’t want to face but really need to. With proper guidance, there are things that can be done now to make it easier for both the senior and those left behind.  An unbiased, holistic and knowledgeable financial professional can address and organize everything from paperwork to budgets for surviving spouses, tax and debt reduction strategies, and plans for final expenses. A review of all insurance policies should be done. It would be a treasured bonus for recorded family and personal history plus individualized messages to the children and grandchildren.  

You will walk away from this session with valuable insights you can pass on to your senior clients and their families.  Your seniors can have satisfaction knowing their affairs are in order. They will have finished a final piece of business that most leave unfinished!

Learn more about this session and speaker, Becky Johnson CFP®, CSA, CEP

Taking the Lead with the CSA Leaders Network

The CSA Leaders Network represents CSAs from all over the nation that come together locally to build strategic partnerships, exchange ideas, further their education and be a positive force to assist the aging community. This session will explain what the Leaders Network is and the importance of forging strong bonds with professionals that have similar local interests.   

Learn more about this session and speaker, Jay Kweskin, CSA

What's Age Got to Do with It? Busting the Myths About Getting Older

It’s a fact of life that no matter who you are, you’re aging. But do you really know what aging means? Is getting old something to fear and dread, or does it lead to surprising benefits not possible to enjoy at younger ages?   

This engaging presentation will help you discover what aging is –– and what it isn’t. Drawing from the latest scientific research, it busts social myths and negative stereotypes about older adults and offers practical tips for disrupting the ageism that keeps people of all generations from fully contributing to society.  

Learn more about this session and speakerJeanette Leardi, M.A.


Behind the Mask: How Service Providers Can Identify and Overcome Hidden Factors Inhibiting the Well-being of Older Adults

Beginning in 2015, the Success Matters Program, winner of the 2017 Innovative Health and Wellness Program Award from LeadingAge Arizona, has conducted hundreds of comprehensive health and quality of life screenings and assessments with independent living residents at Beatitudes Campus Life Plan Community.  For almost four years, Success Matters has used its research to provide individual interventions, group programming, and staff trainings, in order to improve services, health, and quality of life for older adults at Beatitudes.  Drawing on this extensive collection of data, the Success Matters team will share its findings regarding the most common factors related to the well-being of older adults and provide specific strategies and resources service providers and caregivers can employ to optimize holistic wellness and care.  

Learn more about this session and speakersJosephine Levy, MA Gerontology and Jessica L. Meyer, MEd, MS, OTR/L

 Staying Engaged - Volunteering, the Dual Path

A lifetime of experience comes to an abrupt halt when one retires. The expectation and the reality of retirement are a stark contrast. After retirement you expect a well-deserved rest which quickly turns to boredom. The idea of plenty of time becomes isolation. The plan to do whatever you want finds you looking for an outlet. So the question becomes, how do you bridge the gap?

Where can you continue to utilize your professional expertise to help others or where do you go to develop new skills? Do you want to choose a familiar path or try something new? How do you continue to feel a sense of accomplishment instead of losing your sense of purpose in your retirement years?

The retired worker population will grow dramatically in the coming decades. Lisa’s session will provide rich insights to volunteerism, the physical and mental benefits of volunteering and practical advice on finding your retirement identity.

Learn more about this VIA session and speaker, Lisa McCoy CSA, SPHR

 Surfing the Silver Tsunami

One of the biggest mega trends impacting professionals today is the aging population.  By 2020, for the first time in history, the number of older people will be greater than the number of children younger than 5 years of age.  This Silver Tsunami offers unprecedented opportunities for senior advisors.     

As a leader in the Elder Law field, attorney Cindy Nelson will discuss real life actions attendees can take immediately to expand their service offering to senior clients.   

The aging population requires some unique knowledge from their senior advisors. This session will offer insights for advisors to increase their client-base by focusing on the needs of the rapidly growing senior population.  Attendees will learn how they can help seniors with the financial challenges of living longer, as well as living longer with illness.  Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover all of the care that is needed by the aging population.  This session will show senior advisors how seniors can qualify for government benefits without going broke.    

Learn more about this session and speakerCynthia Nelson, J.D.

Leverage Free Online Tools to Build Your Reputation Among Your Target Audience

This is a hands-on, practical, how-to session where you will not only learn, but immediately practice techniques to make your business more appealing to those looking for your services online.  You will learn to evaluate the strength of your online presence using your own tablet or smartphone during the session. If it is already strong, you will learn how to make it stronger. If it is weak, as so many are, you will learn little-known search engine rules and proven techniques to leverage them. Have you already mastered major search and review sites such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Did you know there are more than 60 others where it is important to be listed?

Learn more about this session and speakers, Roger McManus, MBA and Timothy Rowan, M.A.

The Evolution of Life Settlements to Help Seniors Pay for Senior Living and Long-Term Care

This session educates insurance agents and advisors on the secondary market for life insurance, also known as viaticals and life settlements, as a tool to pay for retirement and long-term care. For over a decade, life settlements have been used to fund “Long-Term Care Benefit Accounts”, which are an irrevocable bank-trust account set up specifically to fund senior living and long-term care expenses. Endorsed by the NAIC in July of 2017 as a “private market innovation”, it is important for agents to understand this growing area for long-term care funding and how this approach will address immediate need for care for people who may have failed to plan and are now uninsurable.

Learn more about this VIA session and speakerChris Orestis, CSA

Elder Fiduciary Litigation - Lessons from the Courtroom 

The Courtroom has been called the arbitor of last resort. Yet these public records provide us with the unwelcome details of the lives of individuals and families whose conflicts with fiduciaries resulted in litigation. This session presents a non-legal analysis of some of the cases that have implications for individuals and families working with older individuals.  Presented in the entertaining style of Law & Order, the session uses actual court cases and classic sitcom characters to dramatize the events, facts, and people involved. The presentation is not intended for legal analysis or commentary but rather to equip the non-lawyer with a sense of what can and often does go wrong in relationships that are implicitly or explicitly fiduciary in nature. Concepts such as consent, capacity, and undue influence will be presented and discussed in the context of elder financial abuse.  

Learn more about this session and speakerDavid Russell, CFP®, CSA

Real Estate Trends You Cannot Ignore

Over 90% of senior citizens want to remain in their homes for the duration of their lives.  Me too! However, adult children have moved away, the two-story house is too big to handle, the winters are too cold, and Alexa is not a friend. This session is filled with the most important resources to consider when considering whether to stay in the family home or move.     

Learn more about this VIA session and speaker, Alison Whitaker MacCracken, SRES

Family Information Management: How to Survive and Thrive in a Digital World

Darra Wray is a business professional with an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA and more than 25 years of practical business and finance experience.  Darra also has over 25 years of personal experience as a family caregiver and patient advocate and has had a life-long interest in healthcare.  She developed a true passion for family care giving and elder care services through her personal life experiences. She became a Certified Senior Adviser (CSA) in 2018 and founded My Care CompanionsTM to develop resources, services and tools for family caregivers.

Learn more about this session and speaker, Darra Wray, MBA and CSA


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