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CSA Conference Sessions

2018 CSA Conference

2018 CSA Conference Sessions

The 2018 CSA Conference Program Committee is pleased to present the sessions for the 5th annual CSA Conference. Check out the Schedule at a Glance for Session dates, locations and times.

General Sessions

General sessions for the CSA Conference will be 75 minute presentations held at the start of each day of the event. 

No Mulligans on the 18th Hole - Reflections on My Experience of My Brother's Death

Presented by Jane W. Barton, MTS, MASM, CSA

Companioning our loved ones to the end of the road is one of THE hardest things we are called to do in this life - as well as THE most sacred. It's a once in lifetime opportunity because death doesn't offer us a 'do-over.' We're either present at the moment or we're not!" On March 15, 2016 as I stood in front of a Working with Older Adults education class reading a text informing me of the imminent death of my brother, I knew exactly where I needed to be—where I wanted to be. With my brother. There would be no mulligans on Richard's 18th hole. No do-over's. Ultimately, with the support of friends and SCSA, I was with my brother when he died—a moment that changed my life. A moment I am so thankful I didn't miss. 

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STUFFED: A Brief History of Possessions and How They Impact Aging

Presented by Matt Paxton

Matt Paxton, nationally known extreme cleaning specialist, knows all too well the impact an abundance of stuff can have on a person’s life. He delves into the history of consumerism, shopping, collecting, and mass consumption. Why do people hold onto these belongings, and how is it impacting aging and caregiving? Matt draws the past and the future of aging into a revealing exploration of our fascination with personal possessions. 

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Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions for the CSA Conference will be 60 minute presentations held throughout the mornings and afternoons of both days of the event. 


Legacy Family Planning, The Missing Link

Presented by Cindy Arledge, MBA

Over the next 30+ years, as baby boomers pass away, an estimated $30 trillion will change hands.  Unfortunately, up to 90% of these transfers will fail, when failure is measured by empty seats at the holiday table, spendthrift behavior, and family members who sue each other.  According to Investment News, after receiving an inheritance, over 66% of heirs fire their parent’s financial planner.   Other professional advisors experience similar attrition rates.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Attorneys create legal plans, CPAs create tax plans, and wealth advisors help grow wealth.  What plan prepares heirs?

Legacy Family Planning is the missing link that networks family leaders, advisory teams, and heirs to avoid the two most common reasons for wealth transfer failure.

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Is Patient Choice Becoming a Pre-Existing Condition; Assisted Living, Homecare Options

Presented by Chuck Bongiovanni, MSW, MBA, CSA, CFE

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the 1999 Olmstead Decision established that acute-care patients must be offered the “Least Restrictive Environment” in the post-acute that can support a safe discharge including communities services.  The Patient Self-Determination Act of 1990 established a guarantee that patients had the right to make decisions about their own medical care, and to ensure that these rights were communicated to them by their attending health care providers.     

The culmination of the Olmstead Decision and the Patient Self-Determination Act created the practice of the now familiar term, “Patient Choice.”  The practice of Patient Choice is exhibited by offering all medically appropriate patients the right to choose the between the “Least Restrictive Environments” including private pay options, which can support a safe discharge, regardless of the patient’s covered benefits or the physician's or case manager’s perception of the patient’s ability to afford such services.  Used correctly, providers can increase Patient Satisfaction, document Patient Choice and decrease Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary Measures. 

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Consumer-Directed Care: What CSA’s Need to Know

Presented by Tom Breedlove

Due to recent regulatory changes for in-home care, many families are considering first-party employment (direct hire) in order to save tens of thousands of dollars each year.  Especially true in high-hour cases where overtime is involved and care continuity is required (i.e. Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of cognitive decline), new overtime costs have left millions of families struggling to juggle their care budget and searching for a more affordable in-home care solution.  With a rapidly increasing senior population, demand for quality in-home care has begun to skyrocket.  Tom Breedlove, Director of HomePay, the country’s leading household employment specialist, will share information that CSAs needs to know in order to prepare for household employment questions, advise clients about risk management and help families save money - with a special focus on senior care.

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The Caregiving Years: Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey

Presented by Denise Brown

Throughout the caregiving journey, which can last from 6 months to more than 10 years, the role of family caregivers evolves and so should the services and the support they receive. The Caregiving Years describes the path that family caregivers take — from Expectant Caregiver, to Freshman Caregiver, to Entrenched Caregiver, to Pragmatic Caregiver to Transitioning Caregiver to Godspeed Caregiver. This session will address the common stumbles family caregivers encounter in each stage and how we can steady those family caregiver stumbles. Finally, attendees will receive a map for family caregivers (and their travel companions and professionals) to navigate successfully through the caregiving journey.

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Intentional Aging: A More Successful Journey 

Presented by Katlyn G. Clifton, MA, COS

In Erik Erikson's developmental stages of life, he postures that there will be a day that each person reflects on their life. The person will evaluate their choices and their accomplishments which leaves either a feeling of integrity or despair. If the outcome is a feeling of integrity, the retirement season of life is thought to be a peaceful and fulfilling journey. What, then, if we as practitioners have a hand in the reached conclusion? The answer is YES when practitioners embody the theory of Gerotranscendence and apply it with real-world techniques for a more successful journey of aging. 

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Moving Forward in Reverse

Presented by JD Dinnocenzo

More and more seniors are facing financial challenges as the cost of living continues to rise and their income remains constant.  Reverse mortgages can be a viable option to help offset rising costs for seniors who wish to remain in their homes.  Learn how reverse mortgages work and the benefits that this unique mortgage product can provide to senior homeowners.

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Improving Outcomes by Building a Team with the Families of Seniors 

Presented by Nadine Roberts Cornish, CSA and Suzanne Asaff Blankenship

Adult children/relatives of elders are often called in only when the first elder emergency hits. Their responsibilities for the elder's care arrives suddenly, usually with urgent decisions involved.  As their need to be involved in their elder's care continues and mounts in time commitments, they can get overwhelmed, frustrated and feel very isolated.  CSAs that can build a team approach to elder care, business decisions, legal questions, residence selection, etc. will be welcomed by the families.  Understanding the feelings, perspective and needs of the family members is critical to offering services, guidance and communication with them.

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The Moon Rule and How Your Clients Are Being Manipulated by Under Observation Status

Presented by Sylvia A. Gordon, JD

While Congress made a small, first attempt to fix the "Under Observation" limbo  in 2016 that hospitals employ to their benefit and the detriment of the Medicare beneficiary, much still needs to be done to fix this loophole. Agents still don't understand what is happening, the basis for the hospitals' position and what rights their clients have when facing a potential in patient stay.    More than 1 million Medicare beneficiaries annually are coded as Under Observation and this has some dire consequences for your clients that you are unable to change. Knowledge is power, but the real power comes in mobilizing your clients to demand their congressional representatives put an end to the abuse of this status.

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Tough Love: Grab Bars Are the New Seat Belts

Presented by Fritzi Gros-Daillon, MS, CSA, CAPS

Baby boomers are coddled in the marketing media as too sensitive to the vocabulary of aging and its implications. As business owners, we are encouraged to mollify their concerns and avoid the connotation of aging and frailty. This session will offer some "tough love" and practical solutions to conveying the message of preventative action steps in the home environment. Through humor and frank discussion, the imperative messages to make necessary changes to reduce falls and the associated $60B in costs to our health care system, will be shared.

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Working with Clients Confronting Diminished Capacity

Presented by Michael P. Haubrich, CFP®, CSA

Everyday thousands of baby boomers turn 60 and our country will see a dramatic increase in the number of elderly citizens dealing with age related health, cognitive, and mental illnesses in the next ten years. Professional service providers with long-standing client relationships are often in position to recognize early indicators of diminished physical or mental capacity. Armed with appropriate tools these pros can add peace of mind and expanded services to a growing at-risk demographic.

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Money Laundering, Fraud and How It Happens in the Vulnerable Sector, the Seniors

Presented by Magda Kaczmarek, CAMS, CFE, AMLP, CPCA

Whether you are a caregiver, family member, insurance broker, or a financial adviser, you need to understand some fundamentals of how fraud and money laundering is committed using our senior citizens and how it affects their well being.  If you are just starting to work with seniors or you have built your relationship over time, there are always new trends and new technology used; however, even the old good land line will do the trick.  This session will provide you with the knowledge and tools to prevent and reduce fraud, based on facts, statistics and years of experience in the fraud and money laundering investigations.

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Using Technology to Age Gracefully at Home

Presented by Ernie Lanace

Innovative  medical devices and new wearables eliminate the distance between physicians, caregivers, and seniors.  Leading edge senior wearables technology is helping seniors age well in place, in their homes, longer and healthier than ever before.  Through technology focused care along the 'Integrated Senior Care Continuum’ seniors are living longer and eliminating chronic conditions before they happen.  

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One Event, Endless Clients - How Cause-Related Marketing Fattens Your Network and Your Wallet

Presented by Kelly Grace O'Connor, MA, CSA

Former fashion marketing executive and current award-winning elder right advocate Kelly Grace O'Connor covers the basics of cause-related marketing as a strategy to build your network and increase your company's profitability. Offering proven strategies, tactics, and experiences, she will inspire you to establish or promote an event or program which will drive awareness and drive sales. Hear how she launched National Healthcare Decisions Day in Colorado as her catalyst event and the amazing results the event created. Part motivational speaker and storyteller and marketing strategist, Kelly will offer step-by-step ideas to create opportunities for your network and do good in your community, while reaping the rewards in your own business.

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Improve Healthcare Outcomes, Satisfaction and Engagement Through Shared Decision Making

Presented by Jennifer Ramona

Personal decisions about healthcare are rarely straightforward. In many cases, individuals face difficult choices between reasonable medical options, including the option of doing nothing.  These choices are influenced by values, goals, and preferences - including finances.  We'll discuss:   •  What shared-decision making (SDM) is and how it differs from informed consent   •  Why SDM is important to you and to healthcare providers  •  How decision-aids support individuals in making shared decisions with their healthcare providers and loved-ones  •  What rights and responsibilities patients/clients/individuals have to participate in shared-decision making  •  How we can support our clients in SDM

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Grow Your Home Care Census with Your Online Reputation

Presented by Timothy Rowan and Roger McManus

Even if you have TV and Yellow Pages ads, 85% of people will look you up before they call you up. They will go to Google Local, Yelp, and Facebook, read the reviews, and call or not call you depending on what previous clients and their families have said about you. To maintain a competitive advantage, you MUST manage your online reputation, adding positive reviews and responding to negative ones. This session will teach you exactly how to do this at minimal expense, catapulting your company to the top of search engine results. The outcome? When that adult child 2,000 miles away is looking for services for mom or dad, they will find you first. 67% of people will call the companies at the top of the list.

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Tales from the Trenches: What Happens (In the Real World) with Advance Health Care Directives and End-Of-Life Decisions

Presented by Sheri L. Samotin, MBA, CLFP, NCG, PDMM

As a trusted advisor to older adults you are often made aware of the existence of documents like Advance Healthcare Directives, Physician’s Orders for Life Sustaining Treatments (POLST) and Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNRO). You may find yourself in the role of advising clients as to medical capacity and end-of-life decisions. This session will provide insight into what can happen when your clients (or the family) tries to use your advice and/or the documents their attorneys have provided. We will offer ideas on how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls.

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What Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know

Presented by Lucas Siegel

Harbor Life aims to put the LIFE back into life insurance. We equip seniors with the information they need to cash out their life insurance policy and benefit their lives today. This presentation offers Certified Senior Advisors tools, tips, strategies, and best practices to connect seniors with the funds they need, without having to draw on their existing cash flow. You'll also learn how to help seniors avoid defaulting on their life insurance policy, how to help them gain up to four times more than the cash surrender value in the policy, how to avoid owing loan payments or unnecessary taxes, and most importantly how to increase your bottom line in the process. The presentation includes case examples and marketing tools, and will conclude with a Q&A session. 

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PERSON DIRECTED CARE: Alzheimer’s and Dementia – An Effective Alternative

Presented by Susan E. Wielechowski

With over 76 million Baby Boomers coming into the age of senior care there will be over 26 million afflicted with some kind of Alzheimer/Dementia.   Families are struggling to leave their loved ones home, however when you are dealing with end-stage Alzheimers or dementia, promises cannot always be kept.  The session presents important information for CSAs on the positives and negatives of older versus newer methods of providing long- and short-term residential care -- for individuals and their loved ones -- who mutually suffer from the condition.  It explores the concept of “Person Direct Care” – the basic approach of the Aging Alternatives Alzheimer’s Homes franchise network.

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VIA Sessions

VIA or Voices in Aging sessions for the CSA Conference will be 15 minute presentations held on the morning of the last day of the event. 


Include Longevity Planning in Your Retirement Strategy

Presented by Sue B. Adams, MBA

Longevity Planning is paramount in preparation for retirement and in creating an exit strategy for business owners.  Longer life expectancies are reshaping how to plan for the type of retirement you plan to experience.  The longer one lives, the more likely some type of care will be needed.  Planning for this type of health care is different than medical care and could make all the difference in your clients' futures.  Making a plan and having the choice as to what this care looks like is key to the longevity planning process.  

Learn More About Sue's Session


Essential Documentation for Seniors

Presented by Rick Gow, CSA

This session will provide attendees with the tools to identify and learn more about the important legal issues, documents, and terms to assist themselves and their clients when and if the need arises before, during, and after a long term care event.

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Learn How the Best Placement Agencies Are Your Valued Partners

Presented by Sydney J. Kennedy, CSA

Many professionals still do not know how to work with a placement agency, or even how to assess the types of agencies that do exist.  Attendees will learn what placement agencies really do, including the pitfalls related to trying to do placement on their own.  They will learn how to find and to assess the best placement services to keep their clients safe and happy.  The session will touch on the trends in this evolving business related to consumer protection.

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Intensive Care 101: Common Older Adult Diagnoses and Life-Sustaining Technologies

Presented by Karen L. Kopan, DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC

Despite 70% of Americans preferring to die at home, nearly 70% die in a hospital, nursing home or long-term care facility.  80% of patients with chronic diseases say they want to avoid hospitalization and intensive care when they are dying and yet only 20 to 30% of Americans report having an advance directive such as a living will.

Technological devices in the intensive care unit are able to sustain multiple organ systems through acute illness and injury.  However, most people are unaware of the risks and benefits of these devices.  A review of the common older adult diagnoses and life-sustaining technological therapies is presented.   

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Avoiding Common Mistakes When Moving Mom and Dad

Presented by Angela McCants, MS, CSA, CSHP, Realtor

When adult children and their parents take steps to be proactive about late-in-life moves, many times they can avoid the chaos and crisis-driven decisions that negatively impact lifestyle, real estate, and legacy. Angela McCants speaks from the heart and from personal experience about her professional mission to equip, empower and educate families considering a change of residence for Mom and Dad. Topics include effective conversation starters, housing options, finding and hiring qualified service providers, and ensuring adequate documentation for assisting and transitioning aging parents.

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Big Data, Meet Homecare: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Clinicians Prevent Readmissions

Presented by Brady Murphy

The field of data analytics has enjoyed a renaissance over the past decade. From usage-based car insurance to movie recommendations, the science of artificial intelligence has been applied to an increasing number of fields that affect our daily life.  Homecare is the next horizon.  With the increasing deployment of remote monitoring of vital signs and the surge in wearable technology, the data available in the cloud to assess not only the state of progression of a person's health, but gain rich insight into the pre- and post-acute trends within any given health community or region (fueling Population Health Management), has never been greater. 

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Integrating Home Equity into a Financial Solution for Seniors

Presented by Ryan Ponsford

This session will look at tools and strategies senior-serving professionals may wish to incorporate into client solutions. With the rapid increase in the senior marketplace and the significance of wealth in home equity, professionals may have a responsibility to understand how housing wealth fits into their clients’ comprehensive plan in order to serve in their best interest. This workshop will specifically address research and math revealing that the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is no longer a tool of last resort, but rather a meaningful strategic solution to address retirement needs and risk mitigation for mass affluent families. 

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Methods for Engaging Family into Formal and Informal Financial Issues

Presented by Erika Walker, MBA, CSA

Have you experienced encounters where it would be in your older adult client’s best interest to involve family in financial issues and decision making? Is your client forgetting to pay bills or unsure of their next steps in financial decision making?  Have you wondered if they are losing track of their current assets and accounts?  Do you suspect these issues may be affecting their safety, health, or well-being?  Perhaps it is time to engage a family member to help with the older adult’s financial issues.  When and how do you engage the family?  This session will help you approach and integrate family engagement with your clients in order to reduce the chance that a financial crisis may develop.  You will learn which family members should be engaged, how to be proactive in building your relationship with client’s family members and how to maintain and facilitate trust among you, your older adult client and their family when dealing with financial oversight.

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