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Cynthia Nelson, J.D.

2019 CSA Conference


Cynthia Nelson, J.D.

Nelson Elder Care Law



Surfing the Silver Tsunami

The impacts of the aging population are prolific.  The growth is expected to continue until 2030 at a rate of 10,000 people per day.  Many of the aging population have not adequately prepared for the future.  This session will focus on how seniors can pay for the care they need as they continue to live longer with deteriorating health.   

Many people enter their senior years with the belief that Medicare will take care of all of the medical expenses they need after they reach 65.  There is a valid foundation for this belief.  Medicare was established specifically to provide medical insurance for people over 65. In addition, Medicare payments have been deducted from paychecks since 1965.   

In years past, the cost of health care was a negligible percentage of the average family’s income.  However, in the last decade the medical insurance landscape has changed drastically.  In 2016 the average U.S. family spent more than 10% of their annual income on health care.  The escalation of health care costs coupled with the aging population is creating a volatile future for many seniors.  Even middle-class seniors are finding themselves living in poverty as a result of illness and unexpected medical expenses.   

There are actions the aging population can take to avoid losing their life savings and living in poverty.  However, many trusted advisors for seniors are not familiar with the benefits that are available, the regulations, nor the laws that have to be followed to take the correct steps to protect assets.  As a result, the unintended consequences are that the trusted advisors are providing inaccurate information.  This is a very complex area of law that one would not expect every trusted advisor to be an expert on, but when the advisor is familiar with the ways to protect assets and still pay for the care that is needed, then the professional brings life-changing value to their clients.   

As a leader in the Elder Law field, attorney Cindy Nelson will discuss real life actions advisors can take immediately to expand their services to the aging population.  She will discuss methods that can be used to pay for care as you age.  Ms. Nelson will use case studies to demonstrate exactly how the methods work and how advisors can use them for their clientele.     

Armed with correct knowledge and motivation to take action, the aging population can better prepare for the future and senior advisors can bring life-changing value to the seniors in their life.  If you want to learn how you can provide more value to your clients, you won’t want to miss this session.    

Learning Objectives

  • Why many seniors are living in poverty
  • How seniors can pay for care without going broke
  • Actions senior advisors can take to help their clients to pay for care

About Cynthia

Many of us worry about running out of money as we age, losing our independence, and becoming a burden to our loved ones. As an attorney and founder of Nelson Elder Care Law in Marietta and Woodstock, Georgia, Cindy Nelson helps families every day to have certainty and peace of mind for their future and the future of their loved ones. 


She has years of experience helping families prepare for the “curveballs of life” that we are likely to face as we age.  This includes guiding families that are trying to afford the high cost of nursing home care, protecting assets so an aging family member can live a life of dignity, working closely with clients and their families on estate planning, preparing critical decision-making documents, and advising families about options to avoid a crisis situation in the future.


Cindy is also a sought-after, dynamic speaker who is proficient in turning legal jargon into understandable concepts.  She has had the opportunity to speak to multiple organizations at the local, state, and national level.  Elder Law is an area of law that is not widely understood.


As a member of the Georgia Bar Association, the Blue Ridge Bar Association, the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, ElderLawAnswers and The Academy of Special Needs Planning, Ms. Nelson stays familiar with the complex laws and regulations that are integrated into the field of “Elder Law.”


Cindy and her husband, Randy, have four children and three rescue dogs. 

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