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Darra Wray, MBA and CSA

2019 CSA Conference


Darra Wray, MBA and CSA

My Care Companions



Family Information Management: How to Survive and Thrive in a Digital World

Our clients are faced with a new digital divide.  Most people have a lifetime of paper records stored in boxes or filing cabinets while their healthcare organizations and financial institutions have invested billions of dollars in data automation.  Unfortunately, important personal information is either tucked away for safekeeping or seemingly held hostage by privacy regulations and interoperability challenges that make it difficult to access and coordinate personal information.  In the day and age where information is power, we are all at risk of becoming analog refugees in a digital data world.       

Having the right information, in the right place, and at the right time can save you and your clients time, money, and frustration.  It could even save a life.  But, capturing, organizing and maintaining family information is not easy.   The task is all too often delayed until there is a crisis and the need for the information is urgent.  The family conversations to gather this information all too often become emotional and are avoided.     

Certified Senior Advisors can help change the conversation.  We can assist families with gathering, storing, and sharing the information they will need to take care of one another throughout their lives.  And, we can help our clients bridge the digital divide with tools that allow individuals, families, and professionals more effectively manage the overwhelming task of personal information management -- whether they are across the street or around the world.   Convenient access to current and complete information will bring peace of mind to caregivers and care recipients alike and will help caregivers and families remain informed and coordinated during the care of a loved one.       

In this session, we will review the personal information that should be gathered and shared, discuss the business and technology trends impacting data management today, and explore several digital tools that are available to simplify the challenges of personal and family information management.   

As the CFO of a large non-profit organization, I realized how reliant we had become in business on immediate and secure access to information.  Yet, as the CEO of my family, I failed to recognize how important this had become for personal and family information, and I learned too many lessons the hard way.  I realized I did not have the information I needed to manage my family, so I set out on a mission to change the personal data management paradigm.  I welcome you all to join my revolution to liberate the data!       

Learning Objectives

  • Review the personal information that should be gathered and shared
  • Discuss the business and technology trends impacting data management today
  • Explore several digital tools that are available to simplify the challenges of personal information management

About Darra

Darra Wray is a business professional with an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA and more than 25 years of practical business and finance experience.  She became a Certified Senior Adviser (CSA) in 2018 and founded My Care CompanionsTM  to develop resources, services and tools for family caregivers.


Darra also has over 25 years of personal experience as a family caregiver and patient advocate and has had a life-long interest in healthcare.  She developed a true passion for family care giving and elder care services through her personal life experiences.


Time and again, Darra experienced the challenges of managing the business and administrative aspects of care. Convinced that there must be a better way she founded My Care CompanionsTM to streamline and simplify the administrative and business-oriented tasks of managing care and personal affairs.  Leveraging her background in business, education, and technology, she is committed to providing new tools and resources to caregivers so they can focus more of their time and energy caring for their loved ones.

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