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Lucas Siegel

2018 CSA Conference


Lucas Siegel

Harbor Life Settlements


What Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know

Harbor Life Settlement CEO, Lucas Siegel's grandfather, part of the Greatest Generation, served his country well in World War II. When he returned home, he worked the same job for 40 years. He took out a life insurance policy on which he diligently paid premiums which steadily rose. Unfortunately, Lucas' grandmother became ill with early onset dementia. Her care became too much for his grandfather to personally handle and he lapsed his policy to pay for quality memory care. Like many seniors, he saw his policy as an expense, and not as an asset, as death insurance instead of life insurance. 

What if he had known he might have access to $50,000 or even $100,000? Would he have made the same decision? Did you know 85% of life insurance policies lapse? Think about this in relation to the housing crisis. What if 85% percent of homes sold were foreclosed? What if the vast majority of people simply walked away from their homes, leaving the bank in charge?

Even if you knew that staggering statistic, did you know that 90% of those who lapsed their policies would have sold it had they known they could? What happens to the $100 billion dollars that results from lapsed policies annually? Where does it go? There's something insurance companies don't want seniors to know. This presentation will illuminate key issues facing the life insurance and life settlement industry.

Harbor Life aims to put the LIFE back into life insurance. We equip seniors with the information they need to cash out their life insurance policy and benefit their lives today. This presentation offers Certified Senior Advisors tools, tips, strategies and best practices to connect seniors with the funds they need, without having to draw on their existing cash flow. You'll also learn how to help seniors avoid defaulting on their life insurance policy, how to help them gain up to four times more than the cash surrender value in the policy, how to avoid owing loan payments or unnecessary taxes, and most importantly how to increase your bottom line in the process.

The presentation includes case examples and marketing tools, and will conclude with a Q&A session.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn what constitutes a life settlement and what life insurance companies don't want you to know
  2. Learn strategies for helping seniors pay you, without waiting on government assistance or taking on loans
  3. Learn marketing strategies which will help you educate and connect with more seniors and increase your bottom line

About Lucas

Lucas Siegel is a thought leader in technology, financial disruptions, and advocate of people unable to access the resources needed to live healthy and dignified lives. He is known for targeting industries in desperate need for ethical disruption and goes direct to consumer to protect the underdog. 

Lucas is the CEO and Founder of Harbor Life. Harbor Life helps seniors unlock the value of their life insurance policies. They educate and connect policyholders with investors to make life settlements fast, affordable, and transparent. Harbor Life is actively shaping and influencing the future of senior care by providing previously unavailable private sources of funding to seniors in need of resources to finance living costs.

Visit the Schedule at a Glance for session dates, times, and locations. 

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