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Lynell Bond, MEd, LSW, LPC

2019 CSA Conference


Lynell Bond, MEd, LSW, LPC

Jewish Family Services of Fort Worth and Tarrant County



Dealing with Difficult Clients - Why Me Lord!

Many people label some of the clients they work with as "difficult."  There are many behaviors that may be called "difficult" or "challenging" such as complaining, arguing, being stubborn, frequently calling the CSA, being physically aggressive, being depressed, lying, and others.  Some times clients who have physical disabilities or are of another culture can make the CSA perceive them as difficult. There are also many reasons behind the client's "difficult" behaviors such as dementia, certain drugs, and certain diseases or medical conditions.  Looking at the problem from the client's perspective can be very helpful.  It may teach the CSA things about the underlying reasons that clients acts the way they do such as fear, pride, anger, and losing control of their life. 

Communication is a basic key to being able to work with challenging clients.  Diffusing the situation, changing the subject, asking questions, reframing, using good listening skills, and many more are ways help reduce problems. There are specific ways to work with clients with hearing and visual problems that can make communication with these populations easier.  It is also important to learn what not to do or say.  Being judgmental is never helpful, while putting oneself in the client's shoes is often valuable. Understanding some common behaviors of people with dementia can be very valuable. Learning how to "deal" with difficult clients can make a CSA's job more enjoyable, less stressful, and rewarding.  It can also help with one's own personal growth and improvement in ways that transfer to every day life.   

Learning Objectives

  • Identify many situations that are often caused by persons they perceive as  difficult.
  • Identify causes behind "difficult" behaviors and learn to be more understanding.
  • Identify appropriate ways to communicate with challenging clients.

About Lynell

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