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Nadine Roberts Cornish

2018 CSA Conference


Nadine Roberts Cornish, CSA

The Caregiver's Guardian
Executive Life Coach and Freedom Coach

Suzanne Asaff Blankenship, MBA

Author, Speaker, Eldercare Expert


Improving Outcomes by Building a Team with the Families of Seniors

Adult children/relatives of elders are often called in only when the first elder emergency hits. Their responsibilities for the elder's care arrive suddenly, usually with urgent decisions involved.  As their need to be involved in their elder's care continues and mounts in time commitments, they can get overwhelmed, frustrated and feel very isolated.  CSAs that can build a team approach to elder care, business decisions, legal questions, residence selection, etc. will be welcomed by the families.  Understanding the feelings, perspective and needs of the family members is critical to offering services, guidance and communication with them.

Our session will provide attendees with the understanding needed to assist family members with their stress, frustration and search for solutions.  A better outcome for the senior will result from building a team approach to their care - with the family involved at every point.

  • I. We will educate attendees on the issues, feelings, and frustrations facing family members who are responsible for the care of their elders.  What is it like to be in their shoes?
  • II. Attendees will learn what challenges and choices are most difficult for family members to tackle.
  • III. Attendees will be offered 3-5 scenarios showing how stressful the responsibility of care can be (ex. no POA or legal documents available, living in another state from their elder, dealing with a difficult elder, an elder with dementia and an elder with a chronic condition)
  • IV. Attendees will be given examples of elder emergencies and how a family member might react or feel as a result.
  • V. Attendees will learn how to support the family members through communication, service offerings, business & legal advice, finding support groups, residence evaluation and home care.
  • VI. Attendees will be offered tools for reaching out to family members and successful methods to build a team with them.
  • VII. We will identify what successful outcomes look like for the family members.
  • VIII. We will provide insight into how working with the family members is beneficial for the elders and for those providing care and services to them.
  • IX. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions in the last section of the session.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what it feels like to be a family member responsible for the care of an elder.
  2. Explore different ways to build a team with the family members of the elder.
  3. Learn communication tools that will involve family members, resulting in a reduction of their stress and frustration.

About Nadine

Nadine Roberts Cornish, CSA is owner of The Caregiver’s Guardian, LLC. For the past eight years she has care managed, coached and consulted with family caregivers throughout the country.  Her inaugural book, Tears In My Gumbo, The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience chronicles her personal caregiving experience and professional journey working with family caregivers.  She identified the 5 Steps of Conscious Caregiving and is emphatic that self care is non-negotiable.

Nadine is on a crusade to raise awareness about issues impacting the caregiver and to sound the alarm about the work that we, as a society must to do to prepare for the caregiving tsunami that we will all be impacted by.   Speaking and conducting lunch and learn series, symposiums with businesses and churches are a few of the ways in which she has launched the “Care-ocity” campaign. 

About Suzanne

Suzanne, who has spent two decades managing care for her elders, has found advocacy and elder-centric service a rare commodity for our seniors. Choices for loved ones can be hard and are often made under the pressure of time and emergency situations. Suzanne’s guidance helps family members navigate more easily through the eldercare journey and advocate effectively for their elder. Suzanne brings some sanity to an otherwise randomly arriving responsibility, easing the load with her tongue-in-cheek humor.

Visit the Schedule at a Glance for session dates, times, and locations. 

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