Paul W. Flowers



Paul Flowers is a five-decade advertising veteran. He was president of Flowers & Partners Marketing Communications for 23 years, before merging his advertising agency with Dallas-based Slingshot, LLC in December 2006. In January 2011, he founded CIRCA 46 as a joint venture with Slingshot. Anticipating the enormous growth that is occurring in the seniors market, CIRCA 46 specializes solely on the advertising of products and services for seniors. CIRCA 46 knows the senior market and knows how to build winning advertising messages that capture their hearts.

A career of successfully building local, regional, and national brands led Paul to create Underdog Advertising® – proprietary creative and strategic principles that have proved to consistently deliver results for marketers who are not the biggest in their categories and do not have the advertising budgets they need to effectively compete against bigger players. Paul has conducted numerous presentations and workshops on Underdog Advertising to business owners and operators. This led to the writing of his book, also titled Underdog Advertising, winner of the Best Books of 2006 National Book Awards in the “Business: Marketing & Advertising” category.

Paul is a Business Leadership Center instructor at SMU Cox School of Business, as well as a regular lecturer at the University Of Dallas Graduate School Of Management. His work has been recognized locally, regionally, and nationally. He is certified by The Society of Certified Senior Advisors and has served as a judge for the National Mature Media Awards. A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Paul is listed in the Who’s Who In Advertising Registry.

Session Information

Title: Capturing the Hearts of Senior Consumers
Day: Thursday, August 24, 2023
Time: 12:45 pm