About the Society of Certified Senior Advisors

About the Society of Certified Senior Advisors
About the Society of Certified Senior Advisors

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The Society of Certified Senior Advisors (SCSA) offers a wide variety of opportunities to connect with both SCSA and our Certified Senior Advisors. Learn more about how you can contribute expert content, expand your local and national network and connect with SCSA. Click here to view our Get Involved Guide.

Contribute an Article for the CSA Journal

CSA JournalThe CSA Journal is a quarterly publication that provides the latest information on the health, financial, legal and lifestyle trends of older adults and the emerging trends and latest news for professionals working in the aging industry. Issues of the prestigious CSA Journal are sent to all CSAs in good standing, subscribers to the CSA Journal, and key leaders and decision makers in the aging industry. Publishing an article in the CSA Journal is an excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge of key issues to an audience of respected professionals. Email journal@csa.us to begin the submission process. For information on article requirements please read our SCSA Style Guide.

Join a CSA Leaders Network Chapter

CSA Leaders NetworkThe CSA Leaders Networks are networking groups that are growing rapidly throughout the country. Denver has successfully launched this pilot program demonstrating the need for local meetings to facilitate the communication and connection of professionals working with older adults. The purpose of the CSA Leaders Network is to help professionals connect to improve their network of trusted and qualified individuals in order to provide their clients with more credible referral sources.

List Your Books on the SCSA Bookshelf

CSA BookshelfThe SCSA Bookshelf is a new resource for anyone looking for interesting and informative books that relate specifically to a professional working with older adult clients. SCSA offers this resource so that you have a one-stop-shop for finding the latest and most valuable information relevant to your business.

SCSA is always looking for new and exciting books to post to our bookshelf, so if you have authored a book or have recently read one that would be valuable to the thousands of CSAs, send it in so we can review it and share it with SCSAs community of dedicated professionals. Book suggestion submissions can be emailed to media@csa.us.

Guest write for the CSA Blog

CSA BlogThe CSA Blog is followed by hundreds of CSAs and receives thousands of views each month. Showcase your unique perspective and expertise on emerging trends by guest writing for the CSA Blog. Get in front of hundreds of other professionals and countless visitors to demonstrate your knowledge of key issues. Blogs have become a key resource for anyone looking for information, and often blog writers become well-known experts by the blogs they contribute. For more information on how to contribute a CSA Blog article email media@csa.us to begin the submission process.

Present a CSA Monthly Webinar

CSA WebinarsEach month, SCSA hosts an educational webinar presented by experts across a wide variety of issues and trends affecting the aging industry. If you would like to share your expertise on a critical topic, email media@csa.us to begin the submission process. Our monthly webinars are recorded and archived so that CSAs can gain insight from your expertise. Educational webinars are hosted live via GoToWebinar, and typically run about 45 minutes to an hour.

Contribute to a Public Service Presentation

CSA Public PresentationsDemand for Public Service Presentations (PSPs) is growing rapidly and we want your help to increase our library of resources for CSAs. PSPs are designed to provide information on key topics so that CSAs can give the seniors and families they serve quality presentations to increase awareness of key issues and foster commitment to community service. PSPs provide slides, handouts, speaking guides and expert presentation samples on select PSPs. Help us help seniors by growing this resource.

Write an Educational Guide

CSA Education GuidesSCSA’s educational guides are one of the most popular items on our website. CSAs often purchase customizable guides for use in their businesses and visitors to our site use them as a resource for answering questions on specific topics and finding resources for issues they are facing. CSAs that contribute to the creation of new guides will be given credit within the guide, which is a great way to boost your professional profile as an expert on specific topics. For more information on contributing contact the society at media@csa.us.

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