About the Society of Certified Senior Advisors

About the Society of Certified Senior Advisors
About the Society of Certified Senior Advisors

Meet Our Team

SCSA Staff

For inquiries about enrollment into the CSA certification program or the Working with Older Adults training program, renewing your membership, or inquiring about compliance, contact the following SCSA staff directly.

National Sales Director

For inquiries on the CSA certification program or course enrollment:

Curtis Petersen, CSA
Phone: (888) 819-3917
Email: CurtisP@csa.us

Member Services Coordinator

For inquiries on renewing your membership, the CSA Portal, or CE credits:

Bridgette Nawrocki
Phone: (888) 828-9270
Email: BridgetteN@csa.us

For any compliance inquiries, contact Ann Witherspoon, Compliance Officer, at annw@csa.us.

For all other inquiries, please contact us at (800) 653-1785 or email society@csa.us.

Boards and Councils

The Society of Certified Senior Advisors works with CSAs and volunteers from across the country to manage and maintain its CSA Certification program. Additionally, CSAs and other industry experts provide their consultation and support to develop and maintain SCSA's publications by serving on our editorial boards.

CSA Certification Council

Melonie Tindall, CADDCT, CSA - Chair
Laura Carey, CDP, CSA - Vice-Chair
Tara Bailey, BCPA, CMC, CDP, RG, SHSS, CSA
Dale Johnson, CSA
Kevin Johnson, BSME, MAM, CSA
Patricia Landaker, CSA
Pam Maurelli, Public Representative
Joel Mekler, CSA
Sheila Stith, MDRT, CSA
Jan Vinita White, PhD, CSA

CSA Ethics and Disciplinary Council

Rev. Dr. Daniel Rodriguez Schlorff, CSA, CDP, APBCSD - Chair
Sydney Kennedy, CPRS, CSA - Vice-Chair
Lorraine Doonan, CSA, RN
Jamie L. Jones, LMSW-Macro, ODCP, CSA
Debi Lawson, NMG, CSA
Toni Petruzzo, CAHSAH, SRE, CSA
Bob Rudert, CPA, CSA
Arlene Shults, CPA, CSA
Catherine Snowman, NSSA, CSA
Carole Waldchen, GRI, SRES, CSA
Rachel West, CSA

CSA Editorial Board Members

CSA Journal Board

Kelly O'Connor, MA, CDP, CPRS, CSA - Chair
John Alagood, PhD, CSA, CPRS
Melinda Caughill, CSA
John D. Frenzel, CSA, CFP, SRES, CLTC, CMFC
Rick Gow, CSA
Althea T. Kippes, Esq., MA, SRES, CSA
Scott Morrison
Chris Orestis, CSA
Aaron Terwedo, ChFC®, ChSNC®, NSSA®, FPQP®
Gordon Walker, MS

Learn more about the CSA Journal Board.

Senior Spirit Newsletter Board

Mickey L. Batsell, CASL, CLU, CLTC, CSA, FLMI, MBA
Cathy F. Bowers, BCPA, CP, CSA, MSA, NCG
Meredith H. Collins, MS, PCHA, ALA, CDP, CSA
Margaret Dutcher, RN, CSA
Steve Garrett, RPh, CSA
Jace R.W. Johnson, BSc, MBA, CSA
Deborah Moses, CSA
Kathy Swindle, CSA, DBPR

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