CSA Leaders Network

Our mission is to create a strategic network for Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs) that increases professional and public awareness of CSAs, provides resources and education, and promotes the value of the CSA dually accredited credential.

Dallas, TX

Welcome to the Dallas, Texas CSA Leaders Network. Meetings are typically the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Always check this page for exceptions and changes.

Upcoming Event

We are currently in the progress of formulating a program outline. Future meetings will be posted on this page. For additional information please contact Teresa Walker, CSA at twalker@blandgarvey.com.

None Needed

Group Contact
Teresa Walker, CSA

Meeting Chair
Angela McCants, CSA

Program & Venue Chair
Carolyn Legg, CSA

Membership Chair
Brad Redfield, CSA

Web & Social Media Chair
Dannelle LeBlanc, CSA

Community Outreach & Volunteerism
Angela McCants, CSA

Continuing Education

In order for you to submit CE Credit, you need the following:

  • Date of Event
  • Program Title
  • Number of CE Credits
  • Credit Type: Leaders Network CE

Previous Events

Previous Event Information for Submitting CSA CE

2-18-20 Aging Life Care – 1 CEU
10-15-19 Special Needs meets Aging – 1 CEU
09-17-19 When Domestic Violence Grows Old – 1 CEU
06-19-19 Ethically Meeting the Challenges of People with a Neurological Disease – 1 CEU
05-19-19 The Scylla & Charybdis of End of Life Care – 1 CEU
04-19-19 Family Caregiving: Why It Matters & Ways to Help – 1 CEU
03-19-19 Texas Legislation Update – Bills Affecting Seniors – 1 CEU
02-19-19 Senior Placement-Industry Changes and Impact of NPRA Standards – 1 CEU
10-16-18 Panel Discussion of Current CSA Members – 1 CEU
09-08-18 What’s Your Pound Cake? – 1 CEU
08-24-18 CSA Conference in Dallas – 12 CEU
06-19-18 The Village Movement – 1 CEU
05-15-18 The Lived Experiences of the Bereaved – 1 CEU
04-17-18 Trustee and Guardianship – 1 CEU

How to Join a Leaders Network

You may want to first visit the group in your area. Check out this list of all CSA Leaders Network Groups to see if there is a group in your area and RSVP to attend a meeting or event. You are welcome as a guest, but if you want to join it is generally free or at a very low cost.

If there is not a group in your area and you want to explore how to get one started, contact SCSA at 800.653.1785 or fill out our Information Request Form.