CSA Leaders Network

Our mission is to create a strategic network for Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs) that increases professional and public awareness of CSAs, provides resources and education, and promotes the value of the CSA dually accredited credential.

Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to the Minneapolis, Minnesota CSA Leaders Network. Meetings are temporarily on hold but are typically held Bi-Monthly (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, and Nov). Days of the week may vary.

Upcoming Event

We are currently in the progress of formulating a program outline. Future meetings will be posted on this page. For additional information please contact Stephen Endrizzi at sendrizzi4246@comcast.net.

None Needed

Group Contact
Stephen Endrizzi

Meeting Chair
Meg Miller

Program & Venue Chair
Meg Miller

Membership Chair
Eunice Neubauer

Web & Social Media Chair
Robin Roberts

Community Outreach & Volunteerism
Paul Goenner

Continuing Education

In order for you to submit CE Credit, you need the following:

  • Date of Event
  • Program Title
  • Number of CE Credits
  • Credit Type: Leaders Network CE

Previous Events

Previous Event Information for Submitting CSA CE

07-16-19 – How to Choose or Be an Executor – 1 CUE
05-15-19 – Clean Scene – Hoarding and How to Manage – 1 CEU
03-20-19 – Adult Day Services – a sweet suite of options – 1 CEU
01-16-19 – Best Practices for Seniors from a Professional Organizer – 1 CEU

11-13-18 – The Law and Long Term Care – 1 CEU
09-19-18 – Technologies for Seniors – 1 CEU
07-18-18 – Guardianship Fundamentals – 1 CEU
05-16-18 – Getting Your Affairs in Order – 1 CEU
03-21-18 – Hospice Care – Overview 1 CEU
01-17-18 – Funeral Pre-Planning – 1 CEU

11-15-17 – VA Services – 1 CEU
10-02-17 – Meeting with Judy Rough from CSA – No CEU
09-20-17 – Medicare – 2 CEU
07-19-17 – Act on Alzheimer’s TBD – 2 CEU
05-17-17 – Writing a Health Care Directive – 1 CEU
02-15-17 – Safeguarding Our Seniors – 1 CEU

How to Join a Leaders Network

You may want to first visit the group in your area. Check out this list of all CSA Leaders Network Groups to see if there is a group in your area and RSVP to attend a meeting or event. You are welcome as a guest, but if you want to join it is generally free or at a very low cost.

If there is not a group in your area and you want to explore how to get one started, contact SCSA at 800.653.1785 or fill out our Information Request Form.