The Society of Certified Senior Advisors provides an array of helpful guides, educational information, and additional learning materials for professionals who work with older adults. For quick access to these resources, click on the links below.

CSA Conference

The CSA Conference provides professionals with updated information in the aging industry and the opportunity to network with CSAs and experts from across the country.


Senior Spirit is a monthly newsletter that provides expert articles on the latest trends and issues facing seniors, their families, and the professionals who work with them.


Monthly educational webinars are hosted by subject matter experts in the fields of aging and provide valuable and practical knowledge directly applicable to Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs).

CSA Locator

The CSA Locator allows you to find a trusted professional in the location or industry that you need. Use the locator to verify the credentials of the professional you want to work with to ensure they are a CSA.

Education & Training

The Working with Older Adults course gives professionals practical, multidisciplinary knowledge, tools, and resources to help them serve older adults more effectively.

CSA Leaders Network

CSAs have united in their local areas to build a strong network of aging industry professionals. Leaders Network groups meet regularly to attend CE qualifying seminars, network, and serve their community.

Honors & Awards

The Service to Seniors Award and the Jeff Henson Memorial Scholarship are offered by SCSA to recognize outstanding students and professionals in the field of aging.

Free Downloads

SCSA offers educational guides on key topics to provide professionals with high quality information they can share with their clients.

Online Store

Purchase brochures and educational materials, including customizable brochures with your credentials and contact information, to hand out to clients and prospective clients.

CSA Journal

The award-winning CSA Journal is the leading professional publication in the senior market focusing on the emerging trends and critical issues of aging and the health, social, and financial interests and needs of the majority of seniors.

SCSA Bookshelf

The SCSA Bookshelf is dedicated to helping professionals find quality books on older adults. Browse the SCSA Bookshelf to find your next book on a trending issue in the aging industry.

CSA Blog

The CSA Blog addresses the critical issues facing older adults and the professionals who work with them. Blog articles cover the health, social, financial, and technology trends important to today's seniors and professionals.