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December Webinar

The Mind of a Family Caregiver



Thursday, December 15, 2022
12 – 1 PM MDT (2 – 3 PM ET)

December CSA Webinar – The Mind of a Family Caregiver

About this Webinar

Becoming a Family Caregiver, by choice or by circumstance, is a stressful event. Families are often overwhelmed by their new responsibilities, the decisions they need to make, and the potential implications those decisions may have on their aging loved one and their own family.

As CSAs, we are here to help guide families through some of these decisions and even connect them to resources beyond our own. However, you may find that sometimes it just feels like your message isn’t getting through, even when the services you are offering make logical sense for their situation.

The Mind of a Family Caregiver provides insight into what might be causing the disconnect between what you are saying and what the family is hearing. You will get a glimpse into the chaos that might be taking up most of that Caregiver’s mind, leaving little room for logic. We will go over some basic tips for making a more impactful connection and then go beyond the basics to really help you and your organization stand out to Family Caregivers.

About the Presenter


CareTreks LogoAmanda Varga has spent her professional career between the corporate world and professional caregiving. With a social work degree, experience with hands-on caregiving, and extensive knowledge of senior services resources, it seemed natural to become the caregiver for her family members. However, despite her education and experience, 24/7 caregiving was still a huge challenge. For the better part of 7 ½ years, she and her family balanced the needs of seven people across three generations with very different, and constantly changing, needs and challenges. The idea for CareTreks was born out of wondering how people without that type of background are managing and navigating their own caregiving journeys.

The goal of this presentation is to help bridge the disconnect between the professional side and the family side of the same conversation.

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