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July Webinar

Comparing Long-term Care Funding Solutions: An Actuarial Perspective



Thursday, July 18, 2024
12 – 1 PM MST (2 – 3 PM ET)

July Webinar: Comparing Long-term Care Funding Solutions: An Actuarial Perspective

About this Webinar

When you can estimate the actuarial value of long-term care insurance, long-term care funding decisions become much easier.

What should you do when you get a premium increase notice for your existing policy, or a buyout offer from the insurance company? Does it still make sense to buy standalone LTCI? Are hybrid policies that combine LTCI with life insurance or annuities a better way to pay for long-term care? What about impaired-risk annuities, or LTC-enhanced life annuities, defined-benefit pensions or Social Security?

An actuarial perspective brings greater clarity to all of these questions, leading to better advice.

Outline of the presentation

  • Introduction
  • Valuation of LTCI policies
  • From valuation to advice: Case studies
  • Analysis of hybrid policies
  • Analysis of LTC riders
  • Analysis of LTC-enhanced life income

About the Presenter

Glenn Daily is a fee-only insurance consultant in New York who is always eager to discuss these questions: How can curated product platforms become a practical alternative to the retail life insurance market? What is the best process for selling a life insurance policy in the life settlement market? What are the best ways to pay for long-term care expenses?

Glenn is the co-founder of TellUsTheOdds.com, a service that helps people make decisions about long-term care insurance and life settlements.

Glenn is also the founder of 22×36.com, an online study aid for Chinese language proficiency tests.

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