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March Webinar

Applying Human-Centered Design in the Aging Industry: An Interactive Workshop



Thursday, March 21, 2024
12 – 1 PM MST (2 – 3 PM ET)

March Webinar: Applying Human-Centered Design in the Aging Industry: An Interactive Workshop

About this Webinar

The past three years have changed the ways people engage each other and the products and services they use. Remote work and remote medicine have been normalized, and digital transformation has accelerated. As a result, aging populations who once might have been reluctant, or simply refused to adopt digital technologies, are now regular users. And they have expectations that need to be met. Designers of products and services for the aging industry need to consider these evolving needs and behaviors if they wish to be competitive. It is more important now than ever to understand how people think, feel, and interact with products and services. In this interactive workshop Lisa and Bryan Rill will teach you how to implement human-centered design (HCD), an approach to designing products and services that puts human needs before technology. You will learn how to connect and empathize with your customers, and to make sure your product decisions are informed by their voices. The result? Products and services that people love and will use.

About the Presenter

Bryan Rill received his PhD in cultural Anthropology. He is the Founder and Principle at Rill Insights, Design Educator at the University of California San Diego, and serves on the board of the Design Forward Alliance. Dr. Rill’s specialties are building product and research operations systems that drive innovation, conducting research, coaching, and facilitation. He teaches product teams how to understand end-users, identify their unmet needs, and inform design parameters. The goal is often to embed human-centered design practices throughout the organization, ensuring that the design and development process is informed by the voice of the customer.

Lisa Rill received her PhD in Sociology, specializing in Aging/Health. She served as a geriatric social worker and worked as Research Faculty for the Claude Pepper Center on Aging at Florida State University addressing quality of life in long-term care. Dr. Rill is a former editorial board member for the CSA Journal. She is currently a researcher and content designer at Rill Insights, and the Executive Director at Senior Life Source, a nonprofit organization that provides education on aging for all ages. She is also a Certified Eden at Home Associate.

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