The Working With Older Adults Education Program


Virtual Class

Price: $895

The Working with Older Adults Virtual Class is available for purchase separate from the CSA Exam and CSA Certification. The Virtual Class enrollment includes the:

  • Working with Older Adults Textbook
  • Working with Older Adults PowerPoint Notebook
  • Working with Older Adults Course Study Guide

Course Instructors

The instructors for our live virtual classes are a diverse and highly knowledgeable group, each with extensive experience in their respective fields. Their unique perspectives and expertise contribute to an enriching and comprehensive educational experience. Learn more about the instructors.

Refer to the Virtual Class Schedules below for detailed start and end times.

* Enrollment into the Working with Older Adults Education Program is separate from application for CSA Certification and the CSA Exam. Individuals seeking to obtain certification must also purchase the CSA Exam package.

Class Schedule

More Information

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